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Hiko Sells Stuff

It's the place to buy what Hiko's got!

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  • hikosellsstuff@livejournal.com
Heyheyhey. This is the selling journal of shigeruhiko. I live/work in Japan, and sometimes I have stuff that I am quite willing to sell.

All orders will be sent via EMS. I have had orders lost in the mail because they were not sent EMS, and I don't want anyone else losing out on books. Shipping prices WILL vary, but expect it to be at least $5~7/book. (There are discounts for multiple books, though again, that varies with weights and such.) There will also be a small Paypal fee for all credit/debit orders, sorry.

Any books I sell here are from my personal collection, due to certain problems I will no longer be doing a pick up service. (Mostly, it's because I am now too busy during events at my own table, I only really have time for myself, sorry!)

I know it's complicated but I try and make my books as cheap as possible so you get good prices! The books I sell have usually been read at least once by me, and if you have any questions at all, please ask, I would be more then happy to help.